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Printing, Web, Signboard, Advertising

Our company name is Sad Co.,Ltd. located in Hiroshima city, Japan.
Our service are "printing, making web data, making signboard, and various advertising business. (newspaper ad, magazine, TV commercial, radio etc)"

Our company is establised  in 1988.
We are always at your service.

Saturday, Sunday, Holiday  also opened

Please contact us by e-mail, fax, or telephone.

We will send you estimation soon.

Person in charge is Hiroshi Ishimatsu

Best regards.

symbol mark of Sad

This symbol mark is named "Dyske". Approx.34 Years ago, a pretty "macaw" arrived to my home from somewhere. We named the macaw "Dyske" At that time, we were coincidentaly preparing establising of this new company. Therefore this macaw mark was born as a happy symbol of our company future. Jan.7,1996, however, Dyske died by a disease (aged 10). Now Dyske Jr V. joined our company and family.

 Sad Co.,Ltd.
Managing Director Hiroshi ISHIMATSU
2-16-11 Nukushina , Higashi-ku, Hiroshima-city  732-0033 Japan
TEL 082-847-5012  FAX 082-847-5046

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